Marine Products

Boat-Eze Deck & Hull Cleaner- Concentrated Formula

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • A super concentrated, versatile, biodegradable general
    purpose cleaner.
  • Quickly and effectively breaks down grease, oils and
    petroleum, and is safe to use on any surface.
  • May also be used as a bilge cleaner.

Boat-Eze General Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Wipes away dirt and grease stains from heel marks,
    fingerprints, crayon, food stains and soap scum on most
    washable surfaces. Simply spray and wipe. No rinsing
  • 100% water based and biodegradable.

Boat-Eze Head Treatment and Deodorizer

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Controls holding tank odors, gassing and allows pump
    out at any dumping station.
  • Keeps drain valves, seals, and gaskets from sticking.
    Breaks down waste. Perfect treatment for marine and
    RV toilets.
  • Environmentally safe.

Boat-Eze Instant Black Streak Remover

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Formulated to quickly and safely remove black streaks
    and stains off fiberglass, canvas, plastic, metal and
    many other surfaces. Simply spray, let dwell, and wipe
    with a sponge or cloth.
  • Safe for use on all washable surfaces. Non-toxic and

Boat-Eze Wash & Wax- Concentrated Formula

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Gentle formula generates a rich and lubricating foam
    that emulsifies dirt particles and rinses them away
    without creating scratches or swirl marks on the boat
  • Leaves a clean and bright shine. Safe for all finishes
    and will not strip the wax.