Carpet Care

De-Foam- Concentrated Defoamer

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Quickly removes foam in the recovery tanks of hot or cold water
    extractors, automatic scrubbers, shampooing equipment and
    wet/dry vacuums.
Size Item #
55 98PDF55 pH: 7
30 98PDF30 Color: Opaque
05 98PDF05 Scent: None Added
4X1 98PDF0G Dilution: .5-1 oz per gallon of recovery tank

Enztract- Enzyme Extraction Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Contains a blend of bacteria adapted for accelerated degradation
    of organic waste.
  • Consumes and eliminates the source of the stains and odors from
    deep within the carpet pile, padding and the hard surface below.
Size Item #
55 98PET55 pH: 8.5
30 98PET30 Color: Green
05 98PET05 Scent: Floral
4X1 98PET0G Dilution: 1:64

Enzyme- Carpet Spotter & Deodorizer

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Contains liquid bacteria which digest and instantly neutralize
    odor causes at the source.
  • Effective on vomit, blood, urine, smoke, pet odors, etc.
Size Item #
05 98PAS05 pH: 9
4X1 98PAS0G Color: Clear
12XQTS 98PAS0Q Scent: Fresh
Dilution: RTU

Force- Carpet Pre-Spray & Traffic Lane Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • An effective, concentrated pre-spray that penetrates oil and
    grease layers.
Size Item #
55 98PFO55 pH: 10
30 98PFO30 Color: Blue
05 98PFO05 Scent: None Added
4X1 98PFO0G Dilution: 1:32

Maxim- Carpet Extraction & Rotary Shampoo

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • An advanced cleaner that will break down and emulsify the soils,
    detergent residues and mineral deposits found in carpets that
    have been maintained with cleaners that leave behind sticky
    detergent residue.
Size Item #
55 98PMX55 pH: 10
30 98PMX30 Color: Blue
05 98PMX05 Scent: Cherry
4X1 98PMX0G Dilution: 1:128

Odagon- Room, Fabric & Carpet Deodorizer

Citrus Burst: SDS | Technical Data Sheet
Fresh & Clean: SDS | Technical Data Sheet
Green Apple: SDS | Technical Data Sheet
Hawaiian Breeze: SDS | Technical Data Sheet
Kiwi Melon: SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Heavy duty air freshener that neutralizes the source of most
    common obnoxious odors.
  • Ideal for use in public places with heavy traffic and odor
    problems such as restrooms, lounges, or kitchens.
  • Leaves a fresh clean fragrance.
  • Available in the following scents: Fresh & Clean, Citrus Burst,
    Green Apple, Kiwi Melon and Hawaiian Breeze.
Size Item #
05 98POD05 pH: 6
4X1 98POD0G Color: Clear
12XQ 98POD0Q Scent: See above
Dilution: RTU

Pro-Solv- Paint, Ink & Gum Remover

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Removes grease, oil and tar from most surfaces and removes decals,
    adhesives, crayon marks, magic markers, printing inks, etc.
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable.
Size Item #
55 98PPR55 pH: 10.5
30 98PPR30 Color: Clear
05 98PPR05 Scent: Citrus
4X1 98PPR0G Dilution: 1:8

Xtract- Tannin Treatment for Carpet Browning

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Eliminates or reduces cellulose browning caused by alkaline soap
    build up and over wetting on all types of carpets.
  • Ideal treatment for fiber yellowing, coffee and urine stains.
  • Contains odor neutralizers.
Size Item #
55 98PXT55 pH: 2
30 98PXT30 Color: Amber
05 98PXT05 Scent: None Added
4X1 98PXT0G Dilution: 1:64

Vanish- General Purpose Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Removes grease, oil, lipstick, ink, food, coffee, wine, pet
    stains and many other hard to remove spots.
  • Will not leave a sticky soil attracting residue.
Size Item #
05 98PVA05 pH: 10.5
4X1 98PVA0G Color: Light Pink
12XQTS 98PVA0Q Scent: None Added
Dilution: 1:8