Cleaners & Degreasers

All Kleen- Ready To Use

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • 100% water based solution that quickly and effectively removes a variety
    of grease and dirt from any surface not harmed by water.
  • An excellent all surface bathroom cleaner.
Size Item #
55 98PAK55 pH: 8
30 98PAK30 Color: Orange
05 98PAK05 Scent: Citrus
4X1 98PAK0G Dilution: RTU
36X4OZ 98PAK04

All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • A high foaming, heavy duty liquid that is formulated for cleaning
    and degreasing any washable surface.
  • Works great on all grease types.
Size Item #
55 98PAC55 pH: 10.5
30 98PAC30 Color: Light Green
05 98PAC05 Scent: Lemon
4X1 98PAC0G Dilution: 1:64

Amaze- Multi-Purpose Citrus Degreaser

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Quickly dissolves heavy grease, tar, oil and other petroleum
    based products.
Size Item #
55 98PAM55 pH: 12.5
30 98PAM30 Color: Blue
05 98PAM05 Scent: Citrus
4X1 98PAM0G Dilution: 1:128

Blue Max- Chlorinated Degreaser

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Provides fast cleaning action, quick protein removal and
  • Provides extra heavy duty cleaning and degreasing for
    extremely tough jobs.
  • No dyes, perfume, or (VOCs). Nonflammable. Biodegradable
Size Item #
55 98PBM55 pH: 12
30 98PBM30 Color: Blue
05 98PBM05 Scent: Chlorine
4X1 98PBM0G Dilution: 1:128

Degreaser- Multi-Purpose Degreaser

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Ideal for quick and thorough removal of grease and oils from
    industrial and institutional grills, ovens, fryers, floors, walls,
    table tops, engines, machinery, etc.
Size Item #
55 98PDG55 pH: 8
30 98PDG30 Color: Pink
05 98PDG05 Scent: Cherry
4X1 98PDG0G Dilution: 1:64

Econ- General Purpose Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Economical but powerful butyl based cleaner/degreaser.
  • Ideal for light to medium soils.
Size Item #
55 98PEC55 pH: 11
30 98PEC30 Color: Pink
05 98PEC05 Scent: None Added
4X1 98PEC0G Dilution: 1:64

Equipment & Vehicle Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Very effective against grease and oil based residue.
  • Contains rust inhibitor.
Size Item #
55 98PEV55 pH: 10.5
30 98PEV30 Color: Clear
05 98PEV05 Scent: None Added
4X1 98PEV0G Dilution: 1:64

Fantastico- Multi-Purpose Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Cleans and leaves a long lasting fresh scent. No residue left,
    no need to rinse.
Size Item #
4X1 98PFM0G pH: 9
Color: Purple
Scent: Lavender
Dilution: 1:64

Knock Out- Powder Floor & Equipment Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • General purpose powder degreaser.
  • Use on a variety of industrial equipment and machinery.
Size Item #
400# 98PK400 pH: 12 (once diluted)
100# 98PK100 Color: White Powder
40# 98PK040 Scent: Citrus
Dilution: See Label

Low Foam- Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Ideal for use in auto scrubbers, extraction and CIP systems.
  • Removes embedded soil, grease, oils, etc.
Size Item #
55 98PLF55 pH: 9.5
30 98PLF30 Color: Clear
05 98PLF05 Scent: Lemon
4X1 98PLF0G Dilution: 1:128

Power Plus- Super Strength Degreaser

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • A heavy duty butyl based cleaner/degreaser for use on most
    washable surfaces.
  • Extremely concentrated.
Size Item #
55 98PPP55 pH: 12
30 98PPP30 Color: Red
05 98PPP05 Scent: Low Odor
4X1 98PPP0G Dilution: 1:128

Purple-C- Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • A powerful detergent cleaner formulated to provide efficient, fast
    penetrating action.
  • Will not dull floor finish or leave a film.
  • For use on many surfaces.
Size Item #
55 98PPC55 pH: 12
30 98PPC30 Color: Purple
05 98PPC05 Scent: Cherry
4X1 98PPC0G Dilution: 1:128

Pro-Solv- Paint, Ink & Gum Remover

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Removes grease, oil, and tar from a variety of surfaces including
    carpets, upholstery, kitchen appliances, vehicles, tools, machinery
    and heavy equipment.
  • Removes decals, adhesives, crayon marks, magic markers,
    printing inks, etc.
Size Item #
55 98PPR55 pH: 10.5
30 98PPR30 Color: Clear
05 98PPR05 Scent: Citrus
4X1 98PPR0G Dilution: 1:8

Spectrum- Detergent & Degreaser

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • A blend of detergents, solvents, surfactants and chelators that
    remove grease, oil, light carbon and a variety of other stains and build ups.
  • Use on a variety of equipment and machinery including automotive
    parts and engines, farm machinery and equipment, garages and factories,
    food plants, etc.
Size Item #
55 98PSP55 pH: 11.5
30 98PSP30 Color: Blue
05 98PSP05 Scent: Low Odor
4X1 98PSP0G Dilution: 1:128